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Custom portrait

I really enjoy making portraits. Drawing and painting faces has been always my favourite subject. Capture the expression and representing the feelings through painting the eyes is something amazing.

I'm specialised on doing realistic portraits from photography and I really love to add some elements, like plants, or something with meaning for the person who has commissioned the artwork. You can see some of my works in my portfolio.

If you are interested in a personalised portrait send me an email with a picture that captures the essence of you (or just a picture that you like) some relative or friend. I will draw it and send you the artwork, signed and dated, as soon as it's finished.

I use different techniques for the illustration. Pencil, graphite, watercolour or charcoal.
You can see some of my portraits below.

Do you want your own portrait?

Let's see how it works:

- First of all send me an email to with your selected picture.
- Then I'll start drawing your portrait in a fine art 300gr paper and I will send to you pictures of the process by email.
- When the portrait is finished I will email you a digital proof for your approval.
- The final step will be packaging your artwork and ship it to you. If your portrait is A4 size it will be shipped in an envelope with a cello sleeve between stiff cardboard to help protect from any bending and moisture. If is A3 or more the portrait will be shipped in a rigid tube.

Your portrait will be ready to be framed!

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