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Studio tour

I want to share with you some pictures I made a few days of the place I work. The place I spend a lot of time doing the things that I like most: painting and drawing.

The best thing of this small studio is the light. Even I am based in London, there is always good natural light to draw here! And because of the large windows I feel like I'm working outdoors, but without getting cold :) 

The studio is not always as tidy as it is in the pictures bellow, but I try to keep it organised and clean because for me is very important to have space and neat things. When I have been working a lot with different materials and I leave them all on the table, that generates a lot of stress to me although I don't realised at the time. 

So, yes! It is important to stay organised and have a good atmosphere! 

I hope you like the pictures!

Please feel free to share my works and pictures with credit


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